449th Aviation

Our Proud History

The 449th TAB began in 1986 as an Aviation Group Headquarters in Kinston associated with the 18th Airborne Corps, then the 11th Aviation Regiment under 5th Corps. The aviators served in Bosnia and completed three National Training Center rotations from 1999 to 2003. Domestic service includes hurricanes Fran, Floyd, and Katrina. Additionally the 449th provided both personnel and equipment to Operation Jump Start on the southwest border.

In 2000, the 449th Aviation Group reintegrated into the 18th Airborne Corps as the 18th Aviation Brigade’s lift and assault group headquarters. The 449th became a Theater Aviation Brigade Headquarters in September of 2005 providing command and control of assault assets for the 66th Theater Aviation Command.

The 449th TAB deployed to Iraq in November 2008 and assumed the role of Multi-National Division – Central Combat Aviation Brigade at Baghdad International Airport. In March of 2009, they gained additional battle space and controlled the largest battle space for any CAB in theater.

North Carolina Units under the 449th are the 130th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, Company C and detachments of Company D, Company E and Headquarters 131 Assault Helicopter Battalion, 2-130th Airfield Operations Battalion, Detachment 1, Company B 151 Aviation Battalion, Detachment 1 Company B 638 Aviation Support Battalion, and the 677th and 430th Engineer Detachments.

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