30th Armor Brigade Combat Team

Our Proud History

Headquartered in Clinton, N.C., the 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team has served in World War I and II and Iraq. It began as the 30th Infantry Division, nicknamed ‘Old Hickory’ after the southern patriot and President Andrew Jackson, formed from North and South Carolina and Tennessee units. Its patch represents this tie to Jackson, the oval, as the letter O, for ‘Old’, the centered letter H for ‘Hickory’ and XXX, 30 in Roman numerals, in the center. World War I service included duty in Europe at Ypres, the Somme area and the breaking the last major German defense at the Hindenburg line.

World War II service included "Operation Cobra" in Northwest France and defeating the German counterattack at Mortain, France.  The official historian of the European Theater of Operations, S.L.A. Marshall called the division the most outstanding infantry division in Europe. Press accounts from the front called the division "the American Army’s work horse division". German military praise was no less, calling the 30th Roosevelt's SS in official reports.

The brigade was called up for two Iraq deployments. In 2004, Old Hickory served in eastern Diyala Province as the first National Guard Combat Brigade to have its own Area of Operations in Iraq.

In May 2009, the 30th in early may arrived in Iraq and began the process of taking over for 2nd HBCT, 1st Armored Division conducting patrols south of the Baghdad area as part of Multinational Division – Baghdad.  

The 30th is the largest single unit in the NCNG with two combined arms battalions with infantry and armor, a special troops battalion, an artillery battalion, 150th Armored Reconnaissance Squadron and brigade support battalion.



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